Transfer Students

JFK University SOM accepts qualified transfer students from accredited or recognized medical schools. Applications from such students or applicants must meet the admission requirements of the University. Transfer credits may be granted to students for medical courses already successfully completed by the student at his / her previous medical school. The admissions committee of John F Kennedy University School of Medicine will review all candidates’ applications and supporting documents on a case-by-case basis.

Original copies of transcripts of academic records from previous medical school(s), colleges, or universities must be submitted. These copies will be required later by the ECFMG before a student can appear for USMLE and when applying for a residency match.

The University does not award credits for Basic Medical Science courses completed online or by distance education or from non-accredited medical schools or schools not listed in the IMED.

In exceptional cases, a student who has successfully completed Basic Medical Sciences and passed USMLE may be allowed to transfer into the clinical phase of the MD degree program.


If a student of the University intends to withdraw from the medical school, he/she must submit in writing notice of such an intention at least one semester (4 months) prior to the date of withdrawal from the University, stating reasons. Failure to comply with this automatically means that the student will always be considered enrolled in the program for the following semester and must meet all his / her financial and other obligations to the University. Notice of withdrawal from the University program received in less than one semester (4 months) to the time of withdrawal will not be entertained and such student(s) will be deemed to be indebted to the University for the following semester.


Any student who is absent for two terms without providing a written request and without obtaining prior approval from the university administration is subject to academic sanction or dismissal from the program by the university authorities. This will appear on the transcript of the academic record of such a student.


Any student choosing to withdraw from the university during their respective course/level of study must give 1 Semester's advance notice to the University. Volunteer withdrawal from the University constitutes transferring to another institution or termination of their medical education. Failure to do so will result in a fine in the amount of 1 semester's respective tuition fee, to be paid prior to the release of University documents including transcripts.


John F Kennedy University School of Medicine grants admission to qualified applicants or students regardless of color, age, race, nationality, religion, gender, sexuality, disability, or marital status.

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