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There are many housing options available to our students that they may choose as per their budget and convenience. In Curacao, there is a wide range of fully furnished apartments available for rent. In addition, many families on the island have private rooms for rent as well. Students should expect to pay their rents in the range of $300-$700 per month. As most of the properties are privately owned, the price of rentals and utilities may vary. Once a student shall be enrolled in our University, our staff will make every effort to help them in finding suitable and affordable accommodation.


Curacao is one of the most beautiful Caribbean Island. With its delightful Dutch colonial architecture and excellent history museums, Curacao feels like a little piece of Europe on the edge of the Caribbean. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit this beautiful Island and its hidden beaches and feel mesmerized.


At JFK University School of Medicine, there is an active Student Government Association (SGA). The student president and vice president are elected by the student body that coordinates the association’s activities throughout the academic year.


Our students will be able to participate in health fairs arranged by the JFK University School of Medicine every year. These health fairs provide our students a unique opportunity to work and interact with locals of the Island. All the services at these health fairs are provided absolutely free to the locals.


Students are awarded white coats in a ceremony. This Ceremony serves the students as a celebration and indoctrination into the highly esteemed field of medicine and a reminder of the great responsibilities that come with practicing the science of medicine. The Staff of JFK University School of Medicine makes every effort to make that special day a truly memorable event. The Staff also arranges a farewell dinner for the students on the completion of their programs to celebrate their accomplishments.

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